Tutorial: Expanding Your Text in Designs

Text is often an essential element to most designs we get from our customers. In order to ensure that the finished product is as close as possible to what you’ve had in mind, we need to make sure the design we see when we open your file is the same as what you send to us from your computer. Often times, something as small as a font can make all the difference.

Often times, clients will download a special font onto their computer for a specific design, save the file, then email it to us… seems easy enough? However, if our computer does not contain the same exact font, sometimes the file will appear much differently from our side, since the design program may substitute a similar font in its place.

In order to avoid this mishap, please be sure to note the FONT NAME in your email when sending the file. Also, EXPANDING YOUR TEXT will help us to be sure to have the right graphic to print. Please do not assume that your Printer has all of the same fonts in their computer as you do. EXPANDING THE TEXT will ensure that whoever is opening the file on the other end will receive the correct graphic — text and all.

And, if you are preparing the graphic file in Illustrator, you can EXPAND THE TEXT, which will convert your text as you have written it, into a vector image.

Here is how to EXPAND TEXT in Illustrator:

Step 1. Type your text using the text tool.

Step 2. Using the Selection Tool (black arrow), select your text.

Step 3. Click on “OBJECT” in the top menu bar and select “EXPAND” from the drop down menu.

Step 4. A pop up window will appear. The options “Object” and “Fill” should already be selected. Click on “OK”.

Step 5. Now your text is expanded! Please save your file as a CS3 file and email it to us for your print job!


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