The Fine Print

Here’s the details of what the procedure and expectations are whenever we take a job with our customer.

The Deposit will be equal to at least 50% of the quoted Job price, and will be due at the time of reserving the Job. The balance due will be required at the time of delivery.

Depending on our workload, our typical turnaround is approximately 2 ~ 3 weeks. Sometimes we can turn around jobs sooner, however it is not guaranteed. Depending on our workload, we do accept RUSH jobs, however RUSH fees will apply.

All graphics received from the Customer are subject to review and must be “print ready”. Acceptable files include PDF, PSD, EPS (preferred). Graphics should be sized to the actual size of your print. Graphics which do not meet our standards may be returned to the Customer with recommended revisions. We cannot guarantee delivery in 2~3 weeks if an acceptable graphic is not sent to us in a timely manner. We do offer in-house graphic design services to “clean up” or create your designs for an additional fee. If you are interested, please contact us for further details on our graphic design services.

Payments we do receive are cash, personal check (a returned check fee of $50 will apply if necessary), and credit cards as accepted on PayPal.


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